Anabasis   Anabasis -  Bactria

ISBN-10: 190495992X

ISBN-13: 9781904959922 UK

ISBN-13: 9781586901035 US

This is a story about a largely forgotten people living out their lives geographically isolated from their parent culture, separated by thousands of miles from the lands whence their ancestors had come.  These people were the successors of Alexander the Great and his followers, at the furthermost tip of his Empire, in modern Afghanistan, then called Bactria,  and the vast lands surrounding  it. Their early centuries are well documented, their exploits known.


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The Colonial Boy   The Colonial Boy - Rhodesia

ISBN-10: 1904959466

ISBN-13: 9781904959465 UK

ISBN-13: 9781586900471 US

"The story of a boy growing up in the innocence and the violence of Colonial Africa.

From childhood he had learnt the ways of Africa and of it’s history, yet he was also a product of his own time and place and of his own distinct English culture. He grew to understand that there are few absolutes among people and societies. Only the Bush is pure in it’s pitiless logic, in its stark contrast between life and death.

His experiences shape and change him as he grows by stages from boyhood through youth to young manhood, his rites of passage set against a background of love, hate, and pitiless civil war."


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  The White Dragon - Britain

ISBN UK : 9781908128447

ISBN USA: 9781586901233

A sweeping Saga of Sixth Century Britain during the period of early English settlement, ranging from Anglo Saxon Lincoln to the wilds of Bernicia and Rheged, encompassing the fall of perhaps the last Romano British state, and the coming of the English Kings.

This is the story of the early English settlers in the land of  Britain after it was abandoned by Rome. Sea-Warriors become settlers in an inhospitable world, before the Coming of the Kings.                                                                       

Those kings came from their European Homelands or were self-made rulers who began with a war-band and left kingdoms. These kingdoms would unite to form the England we know today.  They would in time become Christian and literate. Early tribal law and traditions upheld by their sword-arms would develop into Early English governments based on sophisticated law-codes and efficient administrations long before the Norman Conquest.

The first English were pagan warriors whose names and deeds come down to us from their runes and oral folklore, or in the writings of their enemies. Individuals followed their own paths during the long process of conversion to universal Christianity and literacy.

They struggled with the elements, Nature, and the Romano British they were to conquer - whose cities and works they largely abandoned, believing them to be the work of Giants and Gods. 

For the English their world was a forbidding place, wherein dwelt alongside Men spirits best not thought of. They were close to Nature and lived by its seasons, on its flora and fauna.

They made an almost complete break with the Romano British past. The English culture, society, and Common Law that we know today has grown out of theirs. The English language is spoken around the world.


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THE WHITE DRAGON and the King's Man